Monthly Workshops To Unite And Celebrate In Sisterhood with Love, Joy, Pleasure and Peace...

The two hour gathering consists of the following: 
1.  90 minute educational and experiential workshop followed by networking social.
2.  Women are asked to share their passions (bring their business cards so that we may network and create community).
3.  Women are required to commit to celebrating the full spectrum of their Being fully in their essence/ present moment to bring Balance and Harmony to our World... We embrace the qualities of nurturing, love, compassion, peace, and acceptance to better serve humanity.  :) 

What is A Goddess?
By definition, a Goddess is a woman with great beauty or grace. Every woman is a Goddess, and we all have our own unique talents to share and radiate out to the world.  Goddess Gatherings are safe spaces where we may strengthen and celebrate the Divine Radiance... the Goddess Within us all.

The mission of Goddess Gatherings with Michelle Maniaci is to co-create Unity and Balance between our feminine/masculine aspects and to connect to, honor, and share our Divine Authentic Selves with each other.  Together we will also strengthen our connection to our amazing innate healing potential.  I have done a lot of self-nurturing, self-healing this year, feeling and cleansing on the inside.  I have also practiced shadow work, dissolving ego, fear, and stress (it is an ongoing process),... this has inspired me to share Nurturing Moves once per month in the form of Goddess Gatherings that will rock your world, but also uplift your business/visions.  I want to do something positive in our world...Diversity is welcome.  It is a sacred time where we can learn something new to enhance our inner lives, but also how we relate to others.  It is a time to celebrate our wonderful talents, businesses, support each other's visions, have fun, and celebrate LIFE to the fullest.  Tell a friend... please dress in comfortable clothes.  If you like to share your talents with us as a special guest speaker.  We all have so much to share and shine onto our world, let's do it together.

Thank you for shining your light, 
Michelle Maniaci

"Goddess Night allowed for a unifying, empowering and safe environment where I was able to focus inward and reduce stress and pain. Additionally, the workshop offered a wonderful place to celebrate my femininity and connect with other amazing women. -Laurie, Downtown/Brickell"  CLICK FOR MORE TESTIMONIALS...